Angelantonio Perrotta

I have always had a passion for bakery.

I attended the Hospitality Training Institute “Aldo Moro” in Montesarchio, province of Benevento and I graduated in 2007. Initially, during summer vacations while pursuing my degree, I worked in a well-known pastry shop in Rome. This practical experience allowed me to develop professionalism and competence in the field. I attended various training and professional development courses from cake design and bakery products, ice cream products, chocolate to general bakery, all of which increased my ability and allowed me to refine my techniques and to stay abreast of trends. Finally in 2013 I started up my shop in Castello, a medieval neighborhood of Cervinara in the province of Avellino,Italy making my dream of doing what I have always loved to do in the place where I grew up, where my roots and affections are- come true.