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Our headquarters

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The showcase

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The Staff

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Ice-cream shop

Ice-cream is exquisite - what a pity it isn't illegal.

Ice cream is a luxury that we can all allow. go to "eating ice cream" is for the family, rather than a pair of lovers or a group of friends, a moment of serenity and carefree able to give us moments of intense pleasure.
Thanks to the professionalism of the artisan ice cream makers, that with the mere thought of the tradition, but constantly attentive to innovation, in our laboratory we produce handcrafted ice cream with which to transform every moment of your day in moments of happiness.

Event catering

We realize residential buffets and parties along with other ceremonies and banquets.

The Pasticceria Castello creates tasteful events.

We plan and realize your events, whether you wish to create an informal family ceremony or a big event.
We create the proper atmosphere in the spirit of good taste and wholesomeness.

We also supply hotels, bars and restaurants with our products, assuring attention to detail, competence and reliability.

Chocolate Lab

Pasticceria Castello makes artisan chocolate of the highest quality; this is because it is capable of combining passion, devotion, mastery and respect for traditions that allow the creation of a natural, full-flavored and exclusive product for chocolate enthusiasts.

With his pralines the maître chocolatier succeeds in providing unique and unforgettable sensations.
Such result is only achieved by the meticulous choice of raw materials and the accurate care in every single step of production. For our chocolate recipe we chose the most refined cocoa in order to offer a wide variety of flavors and shapes to please any craving and sweet tooth.

In a time when nutritional habits and styles constitute cultural choice and become more and more bound to the quality of life, it is essential to offer products that affect all these aspects, Such values are all the more more important to an enterprise like ours since we seeks to make our mark based on quality and an excellence that will not be limited to the products, but will reflect on the packaging and presentation of those products and the rapport with Clients and Partners as well.